A1 Padel NYC Grand Master Level Tournament October 9-15 2023

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The New York Grand Master will take place during the week of October 9-15 at the ice rink Wollman de Central Park. With a capacity of over 4,000 spectators per match, the site will provide the perfect setting for American fans.

“We are extremely excited to bring A1 Padel to the United States, and there is no better place to start than in New York City,” said Fabrice Pastor, founder of A1 Padel. “Our mission is to promote padel as a sport that exemplifies true competition and builds a strong sense of community amongst sports enthusiasts. The best players in the world will showcase their professional level for the U.S. audience.”

For the first time, the A1 Padel circuit arrives in the United States with the support of its strategic partner in the country, the renowned New York Yankees baseball team.

Randy Levine, President of the NY Yankees, highlighted his confidence in the project: “We wouldn’t put our brand and name on it if we didn’t believe it made complete sense. Fabrice has achieved success worldwide. We’ve done this before with the NY City FC in soccer, who are also owners of Manchester City. We’re thrilled because we see it as a tremendous opportunity to quickly get involved in a rapidly growing sport.”

A1 Padel is an international padel tour founded in 2020 by Fabrice Pastor, who is also the CEO of Monte Carlo International Sports.