The Rules

Padel is a racquet sport which is played in doubles only. It combines elements of tennis, squash, and can be played indoors or outdoors.

The Padel Court

The court measures 10 meters x 20 meters 200m2 (33 feet x 66 feet).It is enclosed by clear glass walls and wire mesh fencing. Court is divided in two sides by a net, with two open doorways, one on each end of the net to provide access to the court.


Scoring is exactly the same as tennis ( 15-0, 30-0, 40-0, advantage, deuce).Six games are needed to win a set and the team which wins two sets wins the game.


The point starts with a serve which must be hit to the opposite square. Serve is underhanded, with 2 attempts allowed. If the ball hits the net and bounces in the box, it is a let. If the ball does not bounce in the box, it is a fault.




The ball must bounce on the ground before touching any structure. It can then be played again before the second bounce but players can use their own windows to return the ball. Volleys are permitted

What is Padel? This short, simple video is a perfect explainer. (source: uspta on youtube)


A Padel racquet is solid with no strings but must be perforated. It is smaller and more compact than a tennis racquet which makes it very easy to handle for everyone.
Padel balls are similar to tennis balls but have less pressure in order to adapt to the small size of the court but also to the game with the fence