Padel United Merges With PDL Group & Becomes The Largest Padel Company In The World.

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Padel United Flyer

The two Swedish giants, PDL Group and Padel United, are joining forces. The merger between the two club owners makes it the largest padel operator in the world.
“We complement each other in a good way in Sweden and have a common vision of the venture that will be rolled out in large parts of the world,” says Markus Hellkvist, co-founder of Padel United, in a press release.
“With the merger, we see a very exciting future.
The total number of halls amounts to 118 and another 30 facilities will open in the near future”.
Together we will be even stronger and we will drive the development of the sport to new levels, both in Sweden and internationally.
We want to give more people the opportunity to try this fantastic sport” says Jonas Andersson

About Padel United

Padel United was founded in 2018 by brothers Markus and Rikard Hellqvist. In 2021, Padel United has joined forces with Padelverket, Padel Crew, Padel Center, Padel Royale, Actionpadel, Court1, Go Padel UK (UK), Ultimate Padel, Padel House (Finland) and Padel Park (Finland). There is a clear goal that padel should be made available to everyone and that the quality of the halls should be improved and to develop the series game further. Padel United currently operates about 50 facilities. You can read more about Padel United here:

About PDL Group

PDL was founded in 2015 by Måns Zelmerlöw, Jonas Björkman, Jonas Andersson and Henrik Söderberg who had all stuck to the amazing sport of padel. With a goal of taking the sport to new heights, PDL works daily to offer attractive experiences in padel. PDL’s mission is to get people happier and healthier in order to perform better – both on and off the track. As one of the world’s most expansive sports, padel is a fantastic product with great development potential. PDL Group has 75 padel centres in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Switzerland. You can read more about PDL here: