Lebron and Galan triumph in Riyadh Premier Padel P1

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Riyahd P1 The first tournament of the season has brought us numerous surprises throughout the qualifying rounds but Alejandro Galán and Juan Lebron wanted to leave behind its bad start to 2023, the injuries and the loss of number 1.

It has been a physical and tactical battle, a duel with Coello and Tapia to fight to pitch the tent on the net. Coello and Tapia were better, going 2-5 up but finding the response from the No. 1, who gave nothing away 5-5. An error by Lebron on a volley was the blow that would unbalance everything and grant the first set to the contenders 6-7.

The Riyadh P1 final also pitted the top two couples of this new FIP ranking against each other. This first tournaments gave us an excellent match between Lebron and Ale against Tapia and Coello. A match that finished 6-7, 6-4 and 6-4. Maximum equality in a match that was decided with a tie and two breaks in the following sets.

The match, as reflected in the scoreboard, was very even. Perhaps this was due to the very fast conditions of the court and the fact that the two couples with the most power were on it. The number 1’s harassed Coello and Tapia at all times, and they also recovered perfectly after losing the first set. Against all odds, today we saw the “worst” version of Galan compared to what he has shown during the tournament.

With that weapon, they opened the gap and sealed their first title of the year. 6-7, 6-4 and 6-4 and a hug of total reconciliation, joy and goal achieved.